Importance of Idol Worship

Rohit visited a temple with his parents during his vacation. While he was doing darshan of Lord Simandhar Swami’s idol and other idols of God, he felt peaceful and calm. Despite this peace and calm, a few thoughts continued in his mind: ‘Why do we have to worship this idol?’  ‘An idol is a non-living thing!’ ‘Why should we spend so much time in all this?’  The same questions might have arisen in your minds too. So let’s understand the importance of idol worship.

Benefits of idol worship

1) Our chit becomes still from the moment we set eyes on the idol even if there is so much hustle and bustle in the temple. This is because of all the positive vibrations that have been instilled in the idol during Pran Pratishtha (ceremony which auspiciously installs "living-ness" in the idols). 

2) When you worship Simandhar Swami or Vitrag Bhagwan with complete awareness, a sense of peace and happiness is felt.  So if you get a chance to do Navang Puja of the Vitrag Bhagwan, do it with the aim of attaining the above qualities.

3) When one worships idol of the God with genuine love and devotion in his heart, the seeds of merit karma are sown. These seeds, result in worldly happiness in the next life.

4) The idol in the temple is of the One who has got self realization. Therefore when we bow down to the idol, that prayer is reaching the Real God within.

So friends, the next time you are in the temple, worship the idol of God with full faith and resolve to attain such qualities!


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