Since childhood, we have been praying to God. Isn’t it?  Either we learnt to pray from our parents or from teachers at school.  But sometimes, we mumble the prayer songs or we feel sleepy.  

We often make excuses when we have to sit for prayers or Bhakti. This is not because of lack of time it’s because of lack of interest.
Param Pujya Dadshri has revealed the science behind praying and how we can develop our interest for prayer. 

What is a prayer or Prarthna?

According to Param Pujya Dadashri, Prayer is a special form of request.
Pra + arthana = prathana. ‘Pra’ means to ask for the higher extra meaning and purpose (artha).
It also means asking for strengths that we lack in order to reach our goal.


How does prayer help?
1) Wireless Communication –

Just like when you talk to someone on the telephone, a prayer is a direct call to God. One can ask for strength from their own Guru, idols, and Gods that they worship.Make a list of all the faults you find within yourself and ask for strength to overcome these mistakes. The mistakes will gradually disappear again. Minor mistakes will certainly disappear through prayers.
The mistakes keep on recurring because we have not done prayers for them in the past. Now through prayers, they will vanish.

      • 2) Scientific experiment - Prayers are more fruitful than mere words! Words are worth twelve cents whereas a prayer is worth a dollar 
        Try these prayers - Nav Kalamo


      • Positive Evidence -
        When your friend is sick or gets injured, you should pray to the God within him. This will help him stay calm during the pain and keep him strong.


        As pure inner intents arise in prayers, the connection with God increases.

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