What are miracles?

Jai Satchitanand Friends!

You must have witnessed many miracles to date or even heard of them. For instance, a person's body is possessed by a deity-mataji, red vermillion powder flowing from a person's palms, objects appearing from thin air etc. Similarly a magical performance also might have stunned you.

You must be wondering what these miracles are?

A miracle is defined as a performance which no other person can replicate.

Dadashri says performing a miracle means making a fool of others! When we aren't able to find reasoning for something, we call it a miracle! But what is it actually? It is pure science. Science that is beyond a layman's understanding is presented as a miracle. Let it be very clear in your mind that there is nothing such as a miracle. Even the slightest of miracles is commonly known as magic.


Dadashri says a miracle itself is blind faith. Therefore, the one who says he performs miracles is a victim of blind faith himself. He's cheating himself and yet he doesn't understand! Hence, miracles should not hold any importance in our lives.

What happens when someone performs a miracle-

Miracle 1

People who perform miracles try to increase their importance (value) by performing tricks. After gaining importance they take undue advantage of others. Most people are greedy by nature so they are likely to get trapped.

So friends, do not be greedy and fall into the trap of miracles. Henceforth whenever you witness any miracle, remember the secrets that Dadashri has revealed and beware of them.

Moral story- Beware of blind faith in the name of miracles