Gnan Mandir

Gnan Mandir (Gurukul) is a place for children to provide an opportunity to grow in an atmosphere where their young minds are nurtured with love, care and proper guidance. It helps lay a strong foundation of moral and spiritual values within a child thus enabling his overall development.

Based within the campus of Simandhar City, it was founded in 2001 after the Gujarat earthquake. Gnan Mandir provides hostel facilities to boys from ages 12 and above i.e. from Class 6th to 10th studying in Gujarati and English medium schools. Currently it accommodates around 110 students.


The vision of Gnan Mandir is aligned with the following vision of The Enlightened Ones.

It is our vision that each child who comes here is nurtured in such a way that s/he is able to fulfil his/her goal of life and never get depressed in any situation and is able to solve any problem with equanimity. - Pujya Niruma
With the right understanding may they become instruments of salvation not only for themselves, but for others too by spreading peace, happiness and harmony to all. - Pujya Deepakbhai


Keeping in mind the above vision, Gnan Mandir lays emphasis on the overall development of a child that includes spiritual and educational development, character building and extra-curricular activities.

Spiritual development

  • Sanskar sinchan : Special classes to provide life lessons in interactive manner through storytelling, skits, study of autobiographies, satsangs etc.
  • Regular Prayers : Performing Aarti and Vidhi regularly to increase concentration power.
  • Prakshal, Bhakti & Garba : Singing spiritual songs and performing garba to fill the atmosphere with positive energy.
  • Purity mission : Purity mission is run by the students of Gnan Mandir to ensure a healthy resolution of internal conflicts that arise among children and thus maintain purity in the Gnan Mandir culture.
  • Happiness program : Students conduct sessions on ‘Journey of happiness’ in different schools as a part of their project, ‘I spread Happiness’.
Spiritual development
Spiritual development

Educational development

Gnan Mandir believes in the policy of self-discipline. It follows-

  • Goal setting : We motivate students to set their individual goals and encourage them to focus and achieve their targets through goal setting sessions which are held twice in an year.
  • Minimum learning level Program : This helps students to identify their weaknesses and attain MLL (minimum learning level) in the area of their weakness through special coaching.
  • Activity based learning : Activity based learning is included in the schedule to hone student talents and broaden their horizons.
  • Clubs : Interest based learning is encouraged amongst students through various clubs like Science club, Math club, English club, Aeronautical club, Technical club, Art and craft club, Computer club, Cooking club, etc.

Character building

  • ‘Leaders of life’ program : Under this program, every year 15-20 boys undergo rigorous practical training, workshops conducted by experts & personal mentoring to develop leadership skills within them to help them grow as ‘Leaders of Life’ in the society. Their phenomenal progress is truly guided by Dada’s principles.
  • Big brother system : A ‘Big brother’ (nominated from students itself) does overall management & plays the role of a loving brother, friend, guide & mentor to the younger evolving leaders.
  • Event based learning : Students take a lead to organize various events within Gnan Mandir. They are involved in all activities from the brainstorming to execution.
  • Experience sessions : Sharing learning experiences within peer groups and studying the lives of great personalities is a common learning style at Gnan Mandir.
  • Personal mentoring : There’s a personal mentor assigned to each child who monitors the progress of the student and guides him wherever required.
  • Picnics : The different types of picnics like sanskar sinchan picnic, educational picnic, budget picnic, fun picnic, adventure picnic etc are regularly planned for students.
  • Seva : With the objective to develop the qualities of selfless service amongst students, SEVA program has been made a part of Gnan Mandir program.
Spiritual development

Extra curricular development 

  • Sports : Sports play vital role in the overall development of a student. There are several Sports Events like GCT (Gnan Mandir Champions Trophy), Volleyball tournament, Kabbadi tournament etc which are regularly organized.
  • Celebrations : The feeling of oneness and amity is kept alive with the celebrations of major festivals like Holi, Gurupurnima, Rakshabandhan, etc & events like Food Melas, Annual function, Family gathering, Dada, Niruma and Deepakbhai’s gnan day.


Residential facilities

Comfortable accommodation facilities includes spacious rooms with independent and adequate storage.

Food Facilities

A modern and hygienic dining room is available which serves tasty, nutritious, wholesome and pure vegetarian food to the students. The menu is planned based on a nutritionist’s recommendation.

Medical facilities

An on-campus hospital - Amba Health Centre facilitates the students with the latest medical amenities.