• Wonderful Website!

    I came to know about kids website from my brother and LMHT sessions. I like ‘Fun Zone’ section the most. I learnt  'adjust everywhere' and 'forgiveness'. On the spiritual activity page, I like Pujyashree’s vision for kids and youth. I like experiment corner as I enjoy doing experiments specially the experiment on anger.

    I liked reading story book on ‘Rona & Origs’. In future, I would like to see videos related to the life incidents of the Gnanis as it inspires me a lot.

    I would also like to read stories on ‘pratikraman’ as I want to understand it properly.


    Falak Joshi


  • My first visit to Simandhar City during Parayan

    Finally all arrangements were done to come to adalaj with my mamma...

                                         I was not too excited to come here as it was not a Fun Trip to any hill station or sea Beach. Finally all arrangements were done to come to adalaj with my mamma. I have taken many things like books, Video games to play with and spend my time. First day when we arrived there the Trimandir and all the arrangements impressed me. Then we went to hear the discourse of Pujyashree. Though I understood a little but his voice and his presence was very soothing and I was overwhelmed to see his simplicity and Smile. When mamma did samayik I felt little bored, but when we were having our lunch Niru aunty asked me if I was interested to give seva in the senior citizen kitchen I was then very excited about it. I am close to my grand parents and here when I was serving the food to so many uncle and aunts, when I served them each and every one gave me a smile and said me Jay Sat Chit Anand. I felt too blessed. 

    - Vanshika (11 yrs,Calcutta ) 

  • Great Learning in Ymht

    Y-MHT has given me one of the most precious things I have ever received any time in my life. It is really hard to put my love and gratitude for Y-MHT into words. But I have tried my level best to express my feelings and thoughts in the form of a poem.



    Today there is something I would like to share with You,

    I was a person tied in Ropes and about coming out of it I had no Clue!!

    Then entered in my life, my friend Y-MHT,

    Who not only cut my Ropes but also set me Free.

    In my Aimless Life, I got an aim to Live,

    It isn't an Exaggeration, you will have to Believe!

    For a tired person walking through a Thirsty Desert,

    Y-MHT is like a chilled glass of water keeping him Fresh and Alert.

    There are didis here who have unsullied Love and Care,

    They teach us great things like Avoid Clashes and Adjust Everywhere.

    Which session is the best, is hard to say,

    Every Session taught us Priceless things in its way.

    All the Y-MHT shibirs are a threshold of Jackpots,

    That nurtures us in all ways and enhances our thoughts.

    Against all the Culprits within me, I have stood as a Brave Warrior,

    By doing this I have progressed on the path toward my Career.

    I thereby everyday keep on praying to Dadashri,

    Let all get this Beautiful Gift, Let all get a chance to make themselves Free.


                                                                                    - Jharna Somaiya (20 yrs, Bombay)

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