• JJ 113 Quiz Experience

    I experienced a different type of attitude in myself when I read Dadashri's books. I realized what kind of personality Dadashri had and also got to know new things about Dadashri's life. His brahmacharya, strong leadership, decision making power, realization of mistakes and never to repeat them, not covering up mistakes etc. affected me in a different way. I am so happy that we got him as our guide which normally people don't have. I got new things to discover every time I read these books.  I wish that everyone attains his Gnan and the happiness I got by reading these books.

                                                                                                  - Risha Kurani (12 years, Adalaj)

  • JJ 113 Quiz Experience

    I enjoy reading books, but had never read Dada Bhagwan’s comic books. I loved reading the comics and found the different parts of Dadashri’s life interesting. There were many morals from Dada’s life which I enjoyed reading but the two most inspiring ones for me were when someone spat on Dada’s coat and he did not get angry or retaliate, instead he remained calm. It makes me want to be more like him and not get angry when bad things happen to me. I also was delighted to read and learn “Service to your parents is service to God”.

    Without the quiz, I may never have read these books and got to know Dadashri.

    - Yash Gudka (11 years, Kenya)

  • JJ 113 Quiz Experience

    Thank you for holding Dada's Janma Jayanti Quiz Contest. I learnt the things and incidents that I didn't know about Dada.

    The books were very interesting and pictorial. I felt that I was there, present with Dada when the incidents were taking place. 

    I learnt many things from Dada, for example, not to sulk or throw a tantrum. By sulking or throwing a tantrum, you can't have your favourite things and waste the whole day. Sulking means loss. 

    - Rutu Jamdar (10 years, Pune)

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