BMHT Summer Camp 2018


Summer vacations are indeed the most awaited time of the year for children no matter what the age group is.  Tiny tots aged 4 to 7 years also look forward to get a break from their studies.

This time GNC’s baby summer camp was organized in Simandhar city, Baroda, Mumbai, Ankleshwar and Ahmedabad.

To imbibe the values of oneness and harmony in kids, this year’s theme was ‘Let’s play and grow together’.

The one day camp was packed with many fun-filled activities but the main highlights were -

. Garden theme decor & Maze : A garden maze was built for children. In order to cross through the maze, they had to give right answers to the questions asked by the didis. The questions were based on ‘Whether we should hurt the living beings around us?’ In this way a right understanding of Akram Science was passed on to them.

. Plantation activity : Children were given small pots and they were asked to sow seeds and sprinkle water so that it grows. This was to make the kids realize that it takes so much time to grow a seed into a tree, but few seconds to destroy it. They resolved not to hurt any living being even by plucking a flower.

. Craft Activity : A flower pot was made with the tags- Helping, Sharing & Friendship. Colourful collage pieces were given to be done in groups.

Kids got their memorable and funny moments captured through photo sessions. In the end, they all did aarti to get the blessings of Simandhar Swami & Dada. Parents were delighted to see their kids learning moral values in such an interesting way!