BMHT Summer Camp-2022


When was the last time children made new friends during their summer vacations? Tried a new activity? Freaked out with joy?  It’s been two years! Isn’t it?

SUMMER CAMPS are back now!  For those innocent faces that were confined to indoors due to Covid pandemic, lockdowns and online classes!

This time’s BMHT summer camp topic was- Store of Happiness. If you give happiness to others, you get happiness! Do you know Pujayshri gave a surprise visit too in Simandhar City camp!!

There was a Tinku, the Traveler who took kids on a tour to happiness at different places. Guide Ganesha gave them a  tour to happiness booklets talked about superhumans.  There was an interesting animation clip on super humans like Dada Bhagwan & Gandhiji. The most interesting session was story telling session. A special story roller was designed to narrate Merry Mango story.

Game zone included- Tug of war, fry pan ball & shake the bottle. 

After having delicious lunch, little ones relaxed while watching an interesting animation movie.

Then it was time to meet Mrs. Smiley who made them fill out a’ Happy Habit Work Sheet’.  The moral behind this activity was that if we help others we get happiness!

To feel like being a SUPERHUMAN, there was a craft activity too!

The day ended with a small recap session for all & as usual with a wonderful gift for all!

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