BMHT Summer Camp-2023


In this modern digital age, summer holiday fun has a different meaning- it means unlimited screen time across multiple devices digitally, playing video games or watching videos on YouTube! When children spend too much time on electronic devices, they tend to be less physically active due to the sedentary nature of screen time.

So this time, BMHT summer camp’s goal was to create awareness among the BMHT kids about the disadvantages of having too much screen time in their day today life!

Through interesting stories & dramas, children got to know what are the effects of watching too much T.V or playing with mobile phones for long hours.

Kids were asked to fill out their 'LIMIT YOUR SCREEN TIME'  Report & color their decided screen time.

Children were encouraged to play different indoor & outdoor games so that their screen time gets reduced. 

Spiritual activities like aarti & prayers were also held. Overall the experience was unforgettable for kids. Getting a return gift at the end of the camp, was like a cherry on the cake!