BMHT Summer camps - 2017


For the first time, the Baby summer camp was held at three different centers- Simandhar City, Rajkot and Surat.  Approximately 368 children participated at Simandhar City, 230 at Surat and 69 at Rajkot. The main theme at Simandhar City was 'Living in harmony with all'. 'Helping others'  was the theme at Rajkot and Surat summer camp.  In all the centers the day was started with a morning assembly where the kids recited prayers. Then they were divided into different groups to make them do the activities and play games. Games like- Hip hop, crossing the hurdles and match stick game were the most exciting! A skit was performed by the coordinators to give the noteworthy message about 'sharing & caring'.  

Craft activity included handmade piggy bank. To imbibe the spiritual values in these tiny tots, prakshal & pooja was also done. Adding to their wonderful memories, a divine moment with Simandhar Swami and children was  captured in the end.