BMHT Annual Meet 2009


Baby mahatmas aged 3 to 6 yrs gathered from Rajkot, Ahmedabad and Simandhar city for their annual meet on 20th Oct 2009. The baby mahatmas got a chance to interact with each other and their parents got a great opportunity to mingle. The baby mahatmas had a great time during the refresher sessions, recollecting value based stories, playing brain boosting activities as well as games and participating in a fun filled picnic.

They gained knowledge on 'Importance of Parents in Life' and made cards for their parents. The cards depicted their respect and appreciation towards their parents. They played fun games with their parents like wearing paper clothes specially designed by their mummy/papa. The children enjoyed frog jump, lemon and spoon, book balancing and many such physical coordination games. In a moral based activity, the children learned the importance of listening to instructions. In this activity, they were shown various ropes tied at different heights, their eyes were blind folded and they were given instructions to get across but they didn't know that all the ropes had been taken aside!

The children cherished their meeting with Pujyashree at Vatsalya where they got darshan and asked questions to which they received very satisfying answers.

The focus of the annual meet was to provide parents with answers to early childhood questions that the children would easily accept and for the baby mahatmas, it was an opportunity to have lots of fun.