BMHT Fuzion 2022


In BMHT Fuzion-2022, around 171 Kids attended from Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot, Surat, Mumbai, Jamnagar, Simandhar City. The topic of this time’s Fusion was ‘Trimantra’. Through different activities & games, use & benefits of Trimantra was shared & taught. 

With a royal Devlok style welcome, LMHT kids got themselves dressed as Dev Deviyo to greet Baby MHT kids with royal music & dhol. They showered Rose petals & rose water spray to make BMHT kids feel special!

Kids were asked to make glittering cards with Trimantra printed stickers behind them.

There was a special visit by Sankul members to meet & interact with all the little ones.
A unique activity ‘108’ in which different situations were shown where we can recite Trimantra to help people around us. For example- when someone is ill, when there’s an accident or when there's a fire mishap. 

There was one more activity to know & recognise the Gods & Goddesses that are being prayed and bowed while reciting Trimantra. It was concluded with Aarti in the end. 

The littles one had a great time in this Fuzion and enjoyed a lot!