BMHT Fuzion 2011


BMHT-Fusion -2011-2During the auspicious festival of Diwali, Baby-MHT fusion was held at Simandhar city on 25th October. This annual meet included all three Baby-MHT centres - Rajkot, Baroda & Simandhar-City.  The theme of this year's Fusion was, "Not to hurt anyone". Fusion took an electrifying start with Pujyashree's darshan at Pujya Niruma's Samadhi.BMHT-Fusion -2011-8

Then, in Amba School's hall, the session started with an energizing warm-up exercise, followed by a movie named "Tinker bell" which depicted the themes of "teamwork" and "how to help others". The older children enjoyed watching the movie, whereas the younger children played with co-ordinator didis'.

BMHT-Fusion -2011-20

After lunch, the children from all the centres performed a dance and drama which was based on "adjustment" and "not to hurt others". Baroda B-MHT children started off the program with a dance on our Prathna of Simandhar Swami. This was followed by a skit on "not to hurt others", performed by Rajkot B-MHT children. Finally, Simandhar-City B-MHT children performed a dance and a short drama on "adjustment".

BMHT-Fusion -2011-13

After a short snack break, all the children enjoyed a creative pot decoration and bug making activity. All the children were very enthusiastic to make the best pots and bugs. Thereafter, the younger kids played outdoor games whereas all the older kids played a quiz.

Finally, the B-MHT Fusion ended with a lot of pomp and celebration and was enjoyed by each and every member of B-MHT.