B-MHT’s blast at Nirant


Baby -mht -1Baby-MHT, a super power brigade of our tiny tots marched all the way to Nirant on 24th November with their bag of surprises for all the grandparents there. Their faces were beaming with joy and excitement as they got ready to go to Nirant to spend time with the elders residing there. Just like our young mahatma group, there was excitement among the elders too as they all geared up to welcome their 'special' guests for the day.

Baby -mht -5As the children reached Nirant, they received a very wBaby -mht -2arm welcome from the residents at Nirant. Though initially children felt a bit hesitant to be in a new surrounding with new faces around but very soon as the activities for the day began, they all shed their shyness and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.To help build a rapport between the young and the old, children first touched everyone's feet and sought their blessings. This was indeed a very touching moment for everyone present there. This was followed by collective recitation of prayers after which everyone got ready to have a blast together. All the children were divided in pairs and formed a concentric circle with the elders sitting in the outer circle while they sat inside. After arranging themselves in this manner, they played a fun game together where children were supposed to perform different activities as per everyone's demand. Everyone laughed to their heart's content on seeing the innocent children dance, enact, run around, play pranks etc.

 Baby -mht -3All this fun would have of course remained incomplete without getting some goodies from the hosts of the day. All the children were given gifts and cakes prepared by the elders themselves along with loads of love and blessings sufficient enough to last them till their next visit to Nirant.Baby -mht -4

Before they all parted for the day, children were clearly conveyed the intended purpose of the activity which they all understood well. The objective behind organizing this special event was to instill a sense of responsibility within children towards their grandparents at home who also longed for their love and attention. All the children parted with the promise of regularly spending some quality time with their ba-dada at home and attend to all their needs of affection.

Thus, a day worth cherishing for both children and the grandparents ended on a very happy note!!