BMHT Annual Parents Meet at Simandhar City


It was an extra special day at Gnani ni Chhayama (GNC) as it was buzzing with activities for the Annual Parents Meet 2014-15. There was excitement in the air as all the kids prepared themselves to welcome their parents at their very own GNC centre in Simandhar City. It was a proud moment for the parents as well, as they saw their wards in an altogether different role of hosts at their BMHT Fun Centre.

bmht_p_3The main highlight of the program this time was seeing kids as MCs anchoring the program in their own cute and innocent way. This special gesture by the kids quickly set the tone for the day as the whole atmosphere was filled with zeal and fervor. 

The commencement of any special event is incomplete without the prayers to the Almighty. Before moving ahead everybody immersed themselves in the divine prayers offered to the Lord to seek His blessings with full devotion. bmht_p_1

We all know that parents are the anchors for their kids as they teach them life's lessons but what happens when they assume the role of learners? This is exactly what happened at the Parents Meet, where simple yet profound lessons were taught to the parents through the medium of games and activities. In one of the games the parents were instructed to walk, dance, sit, stand etc and the twist came when the actions had to be different from the given instructions. The game instantly had both the kids and parents squealing with laughter as parents started having a hard time matching their actions with the given instructions. As a moral of the game, the didis explained, that just as in spite of being adults we couldn't follow the instructions similarly the kids have their own limitations. And, the problems arise when the parents fail to acknowledge these limitations. Thus, instead of doing so, we should let each flower blossom on its own, only then can it radiate its fragrance all around him.

bmht_p_2The parents seemed to accept the message very effectively and vowed to shower all their love and care on their kids without any pressure or nagging!
After this, there was an interesting clip related to the activities that the kids had done at their GNC sessions. Both the parents and the toddlers enjoyed the clip as they reminisced over the past fun moments spent at the BMHT centre.

 The day ended on a happy note with both the parents and children feeling content. Most of the parents said that they couldn't wait until the next session began where there will be loads of fun and lot of interesting lessons for their kids.