Christmas Party


We had a Christmas party in the Bliss Garden. It was a lovely sunny day and the kids were full of energy and excitement.
IMG_0837It all started with the Fancy Dress Party - where children had to come dressed in costumes made at home. There was a good selection of different costumes - children pretended to be Sai Baba, Christmas Tree, Fairies & Angels, Krishna, Rajasthani Girl, Reindeer etc.IMG_0858

To help them build self confidence, each child was encouraged to come up and explain who they were pretending to be, and what their speciality was...It was amazing to hear what these tiny tots came up with.

Then entered the YMHT Boys Co-ordinators, and the kids had a great time with them. The bonding with all the rough and tussle games was phenomenal, to the point that the kids chased one of the co-ordinator, and he had to climb a tree to get away from the kids!!!

To add to all the surprises of the day, Santa Claus had made a special trip to Bliss Garden for the kids.

He had brought along goodies for all the well-behaved kids. Each child had a chance to greet Santa, and get a gift and pose for a photo too!! The best part of the party was the chocolate foundation which the kids enjoyed the most. It was an amazing day for everyone. Be sure not to miss the fun next time...

  IMG_0843     IMG_0853 IMG_0831