B-MHT celebrates Janmashtami


Janmashtmi -celebration -1

On 25th August 2013 as the tiny tots of B-MHT entered the GNC basement with their cute bags, there was a different smile on their face. And why wouldn't there be? They were quite aware that today's session was actually a special celebration! Janmashtmi -celebration -2Janmashtmi -celebration -3As the festival of Janmashtami was nearing the toddlers were going to celebrate this occasion in their little ways. The session began with an informal talk knowing the importance of this day. Astonishingly the little ones quite well knew that it was the birthday of our dear Krishna Bhagwan. They were further told about the reason behind bursting matkis. The children were amazed to know that lord Krishna would sneak into the houses and enjoy the Maakhan after bursting matkis with friends.  Then began the most awaited part of the event-Matki decoration! All the babies portrayed their creativity and got engrossed in decorating the earthen pot. It was now time to fill the matkis with chocolates and sweets. What was left? Bursting the matki!! As the didis took the matki high up in the air the enthusiastic kids jumped with excitement to be the first one to hit.
Janmashtmi -celebration -4jpgAfter enjoying the sweet prasadi from matki the kids were in a playful mood. It was now time for some games and music. A game of passing the parcel kept them thrilled. Every person who was out would sing or dance on Krishna Bhagwan bhajans.

Overall, the event was a combined package of fun, excitement, joy and bhakti that gave the kiddies as well as the didis a memory to cherish.