Yoga & Plantation


It was a unique celebration of Gnani Ni Chaya (GNC) by Baby MHT and Little MHT.  

"Yoga   Yoga -Plantation -6 

A yoga specialist named Antra from China was the guest speaker for this session. Antra taught Yoga in a fun and exciting way to the children. She made different animal sounds and taught the children the related asana (pose) such as, elephant, cat, snake etc. No doubt the kids enjoyed their special yoga session a lot.

Another extraordinary event was "Plantation".

A guest from a plant nursery was invited to discuss the importance of plants and trees, for example plants and trees prevent soil from getting destroyed, improve rainfall, beautify the environment etc. Then, each child had his/her very own sapling to plant. The children planted the sapling, sprinkled water and prayed for their healthy life.

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