Atlanta Gurupurnima Kids Camp 2011


During this year's Gurupurnima, there were loads of sessions planned for the kids which revolved around topics of Helping Others, Anger, Positivity, Sharing, Teamwork etc. to name a few.

Every single day was full of fun with various activities such as Crafts, Presentations, Poster preparations, Games, Snacks & a lot more! The Ymht girls & boys led these outstanding fun & interactive activities with the Lmht kids, leaving them with some great memories.

The Ymht girls guided the Lmht kids in making creative, colorful & encouraging posters with lots of images focused on the theme of Sharing. Lmht kids were provided with magazines, crayons, pictures of Dada, Swami, Niruma, Deepakbhai & other materials in order to create these posters. While making the posters, the kids learned to share ideas & materials. This was indirectly incorporated into this 'Sharing is Caring' activity.

The Ymht boys managed the game's session where Lmht kids played relay games such as limbu chamchi (lemon & spoon), blocks, memory, scrabble, ring toss & standing on one foot. The kids were divided into 12 teams. Two teams played at one game station at a time & then rotated to a different game so that each team had a chance to play all 6 games. Ymht boys encouraged the kids to play the games as well as cheer their team on.

The Lmht kids as well as the Ymht boys & girls learned to work together as a team, supporting & motivating each team member, all the while having fun. By the end of the sessions, the Lmht kids & Ymht boys & girls had formed a special bond.

It was a wonderful learning experience for both the groups!

Cultural Program!

The grand finale for the kids was their Cultural Program. They did a drama on 'Nav Kalamo' (9 Intents) & prepared a show, dances & performances that Pujyashree & Mahatmas enjoyed watching. All the Lmht's from various states & centers had worked hard for the preparation & rehearsal 4-6 months in advance.

They had lots of fun rehearsing & participating in it. To add to their wonderful memories & experiences, all the kids were awarded with a certificate for their participation in cultural program.