Digital Lmht Summer Camp 2021


This summer being at home was still fun as  400 kids from 15 different centres including Hindi speaking could participate in one day camp  from their home devices.  Through various activities, this time the kids were introduced to the concept of 'Chit' and how it works in our day to day life. 

Haar (Garland making) ACTIVITY -  making haar for swami with full concentration and doing brain activity worksheet in which kids had to fill and colour the activities which occupy most part of their memory .

With the help of a VIDEO CLIP –  They came to know about how chit of Gnanis are pure and how Pujya Dadashri and Niruma had powerful memory through which they could do multiple things at one time.


Finally, kids played concentration games and also learnt how to discipline themselves with the use of TV and mobile  Kids experienced one full day fun,  sitting in their comfortable zones and still being active with mind. They filled their memory with learnings of Dadashri on ‘chit’ and also got keys on how to keep their chit pure.