LMHT Summer Camp 2018


With summer in full swing, kids flocked to the summer camps organized at different GNC centers across India. 2018 summer camp theme was ‘Power of words’.  Almost 3450 kids across 16 different centers of India explored different ways to be coolest among their friends and family.

Activities jam packed with fun, adventure, and learning  

. Special animation video - To show how powerful can be our words.

. Animal Drama by ymht girls- To make the kids identify the different types of words ( (Sweet, Rude, Words used for teasing etc)

. Hands on activity – Experimented the Effects of words using Neem juice, Sand paper, Fragranced water, Cotton etc. After having Neem juice they realized that how bitter one would feel when someone uses harsh and rude words.

. Tug of war Game- Just as one would not enjoy the game if the other side person is not holding it tightly or pulling it tightly. Similarly, one would not enjoy teasing you if you do not react.

. Special Summer Camp song- That was the icing on the cake!    Learning the power of good speech with a happening music and dance.

. ‘Kungfu Panda’ Video - Kids learned the fifth gem (Kalam) given by Dadashri a powerful tool to improve your speech so that you don’t hurt anyone with your speech. 

Summer Camp wrapped up  with the most talked topic about the year 2018. Yes you are right! Dadabhagwan’s 111th Janmajayanti in the month of November.

 Kids were invited to the celebrations through a video clip and an invitation card.