LMHT Summer Camp-2023


Summer vacations are indeed the most awaited time of the year for children no matter what the age group is!

To imbibe the values of kindness and humanity in kids, this year’s LMHT summer camp theme was ‘Manav Dharma' (Humanity) and Disadvantages of teasing others. 

Humanity means to give to others whatever you like, and to not give to others what you do not like. To enjoy that which is rightfully yours; that is referred to as humanity. 

Through story-telling & interesting activities like- Hotel Business Activity, kids got hands- on experience.  By showing an inspirational video-'My Gnani- Superhuman', Dadashri was introduced to kids. 

Kids made 'Tree' fridge magnet to keep remembering, the Gnani-the Superhuman, forever in their little hearts! While doing aarti, they prayed & asked for strength from Dadashri to become a superhuman like him.

On the second day of the camp, they got an understanding on the disadvantages of teasing others. Why should we not tease others? How to get rid of this bad habit? To get answers, a wonderful clip was shown to all.

To imbibe the spiritual values in these little ones, prakshal & pooja was also done. The most exciting thing that brought a big smile to everyone's face was 'Aaloo Chilly' cap!