Nairobi Kids Camp 2012


Nairobi -Kids -Camp -1The first Kids Camp of its kind was held in Kenya - Nairobi to be precise and what a great success it was! Sixty-two children attended between two age groups: 3-7yrs old and 8-13yrs old. 

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The groups enjoyed their fun filled activities and experiential learning.
They attentively watched the videos of Magical glasses and the Magic eraser (depicting concepts of positive thinking and Pratikraman), and thereafter had an interesting discussion on the same.
All the children loved the hot chips, sandwiches, ribena and the cup cakes.
                                                                Nairobi -Kids -Camp -5Nairobi -Kids -Camp -2

The day could not have had a better end with a surprise goody bag - A "Gnani ni Chhaya Ma" exclusive Kids Camp folder packed with stationary, chocolates and a Dada Balvignan Book.   

The co-ordinators felt that the Dev -Devis had come down to earth to get Dada's Gnan and proceed further on the path of Moksha.