Feel great in every situation!


In the month of August, a two-day camp was held for kids at London, U.K.  It was a fun-pack of wide ranged physical, mental & spiritual activities with the main objective of staying happy in every situation. Laughter yoga, Moral stories, Arts & crafts, Puppet show, Song & Dance, Role play, Videos and many more things.  

summer camp-1

There was a treasure hunt where the children had to find a 'code' in the posters around the room to solve the puzzle in order to get a scientific solution. The children filled in activity sheets about where they have had clashes and how they need to adjust to resolve the conflict.

summer camp-4

They also made a Pratikraman book which consisted of the pratikraman prayer from which they can learn how to say sorry and erase their mistakes.

summer camp-3

 The puppet show, 'Avoid the crash' gave them the message in a fun way of how adjusting in conflicts allows common sense to arise and by applying common sense one can attain a worry-free state. The camp was made memorable with a group photo session in the end.

summer camp-5