LMHT Fuzion 2010


Lmht's from various centers around all over India come together, get to know & mingle with each other during the Annual Meet & thus, the name - Fusion 2010.

This year's Lmht Annual Meet was a resounding success, full of different flavors to keep our blossoming & healthy minded generation occupied in learning new skills. More than 250 children attended the event.

Fusion 2010 was executed with the theme of 'Self Discipline'.
Why this topic? Don't they already learn discipline at school?
The objective of this theme was to acknowledge self discipline & its importance in life.
Acknowledge the benefits of self discipline, recognizing qualities that showcase self discipline.

The highlights of the two-day Meet were:

A practical activity called the 'traffic game' with the objective to highlight;
• The benefits of self discipline - helps us to achieve our goal quickly
• Safety for self & others - others will not suffer or get hurt by our lack of self discipline
• Should we follow them or keep our good qualities, if others are not in discipline?

Guest speaker was Niyanta who introduced the topic through practical examples & stories.

Satsang sessions were held with the Apta-behnos & the Apta-bhaios where kids got answers to their burning questions.

The kids also enjoyed a movie, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. By this audio visual medium, children identified qualities of self discipline through the character of Charlie.

A summary session was also held where kids designed their own self disciplined robot & wrote down the qualities that this robot should have.

In the 'creative session' & 'fun session', the kids learned to craft out fridge magnets from soap.  Games & activities were also part of the session.

We had secret panel of judges observing the children who applied or exhibited qualities of self-discipline. Twenty children were awarded certificates to encourage the quality of self-discipline.

We are looking forward to an exhilarating & successful meet next year with a lot more blossoming hearts joining us.