LMHT Fuzion 2011


LMHT-Fusion -2011-1This year's Lmht fusion was really full of fun……I hope you all know that fusion means union…but what does fusion of Lmht mean???? It means that the children of Lmht centers all over India come together, explore doing new activities & above all make lots of new friends!!!!!

This time, the children found out some exciting things about Dada Bhagwan when he was a child like all of us….& thus, found out one of the important keys behind what made him such a great super human.

LMHT-Fusion -2011-10Who doesn't like to hunt for treasures?….Yes, you are right - this time Lmht fusion was about finding treasure. Treasure hunting, not outside though!!

LMHT-Fusion -2011-13Instead, it was all about discovering the treasure within one's own self! The children learnt that they all have some unique qualities within them … they just need to nurture them & remain adhered to them even in the worst situations & that is the real key to become a great personality.LMHT-Fusion -2011-20The most thrilling & fun filled experience of Fusion this year was going for a picnic & watching a story in the form of "Laser Water Show" at Akshardham.

So, what are you waiting for….join Lmht at your nearby center & be a part of Lmht fusion with us.