LMHT Fuzion 2020


The LMHT Fuzion-2020 was based on the life incidents of Pujya Dadashri.  Through different life incidents, kids learnt a lot and got to know more and more through unique incidents of 'Gnanipurush'. 

Quiz -

To get more insight about Dadashri life, kids were engaged in fun quiz. Questions were based on his values and his journey in childhood. 

Drama -One of the qualities of Dadashri of obliging nature where he use to spend his business profit in taking everyone to jatra was also a part of this fusion syllabus.

Kids were entertained with virtual tour where they experienced the real fun of jatra!!

Virtual  Jatras - Kids were made to go on a virtual Jatra with the help of two videos -

Tirupati Balaji Jatra - By showing Animated Niruma’s video

Sametshikhar jatra (By live drama)- To let the kids know about Dadashri's bravery & powerful insight.  Kids were made to feel like they themselves are on Jatra.

Stop motion animation movie - Kids got the experience of  making stop motion animation movie along with coordinators online. The short movie was on BEDBUGS incident of Dadashri life. They learnt about the value of non violence.

Me & Dada Diary Fuzion  fun  had varieties of activities  for kids, and not to miss the touch of spiritual songs, session also included singing competition of Dadashri wonderful songs and craft activity where they made ME and MY diary on Dadashri life incidents.

Stickers related to incidents were also given to kids.

Bed time story - Interesting audio  story of Kunik & Shrenik was sent to kids so that they can listen it as their bedtime story.