Nairobi Fun Day 2013


Super Duper Sunday Funday

This fun-filled, action-packed day, organised by the Dada Bhagwan Foundation, was a stupendous success, with a turn-out of over 3300 visitors.

Super -duperThe main attractions, the Puppet Show, the Exhibition, and the Children's Village, were a huge HIT with the visitors. DJ Gupz pepped the crowd up, and made them dance to his tunes with sound provided by Ultra Equipment. In addition, 5 spiritual organisations , Art of Living, BAPS, Shaka (Swami Vivekananda), SCVP (Young Jains) and Shiv Yoga, came to showcase their activities.

Team - Building

Team -bildingChristian and co., managing the team - building exercises, provided various challenging activities to test the teams' ability to communicate, coordinate, motivate, endure and discover each team-players strengths and weaknesses, thereby reducing conflicts and clashes, and improving relationships.

The Puppet Show

PuppetBeing the first of its kind in Kenya, the show, choreographed by the DBF youth (13 - 21 yr olds), was a great success. The "teacher - student" theme was an instant hit with all the viewers. Initially, 3 shows were scheduled throughout the day, but due to public demand, an extra show had to be put on. A total seating capacity of 140 was arranged for each show and since some of the shows were "house-full", another 100 viewers watched the shows standing.

The Children's Village

Childern -villageOccupying a mass area of 18,000 sq. ft., the children's village was heaving with activities throughout the day, with a 100% occupancy. There were over 25 activities, including clowns, providing laughter and continuous entertainment for all present. Although targeted at the younger crowd, many adults were seen enjoying themselves until late.

The Exhibition

ExhibitionThe message of this exhibition was based on the book "Where does God live?", and was conveyed in an interactive and symbolic manner. The viewers had to climb over a mountain, cross over a lake, and step over hurdles in order to reach the bridge along the path to find God. The message that God is within all living beings was effectively portrayed, and in the process the participants learned how to "magically erase" their mistakes, in the form of asking for forgiveness.


DBFA whopping 160 dedicated volunteers, across Kenya, namely, Athi River, Kericho, Mombasa, Nakuru and Nairobi, contributed to the phenomenon that was Sunday Funday.


All in all, the aim of Sunday Funday, which was to enrich our lives with spirituality in a fun forum, was successfully achieved.


Catch a glimpse of some more fun at Sunday Funday pictorially