Republic Day Celebration 2018




Republic Day of India is a day to remember the India's constitution which came into force on January 26, 1950. To make the kids realize the significance of this national festival, an LMHT session was organized in Simandhar City.

It started with an informal discussion on how everyone celebrated Republic day in his or her school.  On a border map of India, everyone wrote one thing that they loved about their country and also mentioned the country of their dream.

In order to express their deep gratitude to the people who are working day and night to protect the  Trimandir premises, children made chocolate balls (laddus) and thank you card for the security staff of Simandhar City and Amba Township. Making Laddus on their own was the most exciting thing for them.

The Security staff was overwhelmed with the love and gratitude expressed by the LMHT kids.