Ruislip GNC participates in the International Sewa Day 2015


kids_​helping_othersThe BMHT, LMHT and YMHT groups of Ruislip centre had a practical experience in providing selfless service to the wider community on 4 October 2015. As part of International Sewa Day, they chose to provide assistance to the staff and customers of the local supermarket, as well as spread the awareness of Dada's Spiritual Science.

help_othersThe day also provided an opportunity for all the children to learn about the hard work their parents put in to provide a good homemade meal for them - starting with shopping, getting the groceries home, cooking the meal and then clearing up after.

The Didis had a challenging task of training the children to greet the customers with a smile; volunteer to help with the shopping; to pack the shopping; and separating the items when packing with care.kids_activityThere was a buzz on the morning of 4 October 2015 when all the children, their parents and the Didis gathered at Ruislip Centre and put on their purple Sewa Day t-shirts. As it was a lovely day, they all walked over to the local supermarket and arranged themselves near the shopping trolleys, baskets and checkout tills.

An information desk was set up in the foyer displaying Akram Vignan books, Bal Vignan Books and flyers providing more information. A number of the shoppers expressed an interest and took information away with them. 

The key lesson the children learnt was that selfless sewa begins at home: they are going to help mum with her chores; take their dishes to the sink; get themselves ready for school; not fight with their brothers and sisters; not hurt others; and when hurt by someone else, they will not retaliate. 

International _Seva_day