Dada’s Science from the Camera’s Lense


A unique online session was organized for LMHT kids by uniting different techniques of photography with Dada’s principles, learnings and knowledge.

The following concepts of Akram science were taken-

1) Where does God live?- To discover this, the little photographers had to click pictures of things in which they believe God exists. They were asked to complete the DIY project and submit their snaps.

    • 2) Teachers & Gurus in one’s life- In this kids were asked to find people or objects around them who inspire them to become better people. They had to capture the gurus in their camera phone using the guidelines learned in the masterclass, i.e. shots and angles.

    • 3) SMILE PLEASE! With the vision to find permanent happiness and spread smiles, the DIY task for the week was to find their Smile. Another Task involved finding things that would bring permanent happiness. It could be performing Aarti every evening with family, reciting Dada Bhagwan Na Asim Jay Jaykar Ho, or doing Pratikraman.

    • 4) Taste the flavor of food - To help kids understand the importance of healthy and inclusive eating, they were introduced to the concept of photography. They were asked to find and click pictures of food items from their kitchen, which have all the 6 tastes

      5) Grand Finale of the Masterclass series of Photography- Special guest from DBF multimedia team was invited to share his experience of Photography of Gnani and of various projects of Dada Bhagwan foundation.

    • Like every food dish is incomplete without salt, every photograph is incomplete without perfect lighting. Proper use of natural light and correct placement of the subject, were some tips and tricks given to the kids to implement in their weekly DIY task.