Janmashtami Celebration - Mumbai


Janmashtami -1For Janmashtami celebrations, the Mumbai Lmht group decorated the venue with traditional things. The session started with the legendary stories of Lord Krishna - how was he born, who his parents were, why did they suffer in jail, how was he worshipped as Lord in the whole world & so on. Tales of Lord Krishna as a child kept the young audience enthralled & they interacted with their own stories. This was followed by an explanation of the different ways Janmashtami is being celebrated in India. They learned significance of Lord Krishna as a future Tirthankar.
Janmashtami -2

Discussions about the various roles of Lord Krishna as a child, a son, a King, a friend & a divine Gnani Purush ensued. This included discussions on Lord Krishna's role in Mahabharata & in the life of Arjuna. The kids said various names of Lord Krishna & they knew 38 names! Wow, cool… isn't it? The meanings of the names were explained as well.

Everyone really enjoyed doing garba & breaking the 'matki (pot)'. They savored some sweet 'makhan (butter)' & shared the sweets filled in the 'matki'.