Little MHT gets Cleanliness Conscious


The enthusiastic kids of Little MHT centre in Simandhar City were this time taken to explore the Kalupur station, Ahmedabad with a different perspective. Kids were asked to observe that area carefully. With their cleanliness masks on, the little detectives were making close observations and noting them down.
cleanliness-pic-4They were then escorted to the Medical Department of Kalupur Station. That's when the intent of this field trip was disclosed to the kids - Awareness against littering on the Railway Stations. The Chief Health Inspector started off with an explanation on the importance of cleanliness and how easily a disease spreads. He then told the children how the cleaners worked in two shifts to maintain the cleanliness at the railway station. cleanliness-pic-2They were then taken to the place where people were cleaning. An astonishing fact that the kids learnt was that the cleaners would clean the tracks in the time span between the departure of one train and arrival of another. As a train would come into the station, they would move aside. The kids were amazed to know that despite this, the station remained so untidy. Recalling their own observations, the kids noted how the local public was frequently littering the environment. This made them wake up to the realization of how often they themselves dirtied the surroundings. Besides this, the kids also saw many interesting things like the different machines used for cleaning.  

cleanliness-pic-3 cleanliness-pic-5

At the end, the kids bade farewell to the officer and thanked him for sharing such important information with them.  The visit turned the little ones into a little more responsible and cleanliness conscious individuals.