Navratri Celebration - Toronto


The Lmht in Toronto had an opportunity to do a little stage show during the festival of Navaratri on 2nd Oct 2010. The show took place at the Srigiri Temple on the Gandhi Jayanti day.

Toronto LMHT 1They only had a short period of time to prepare & practice for the event but they could manage to put it together within five practices. A total of eight little mahatmas participated of which the youngest was six years old & the oldest was twelve years old. They had also helped to put up banners & set up the book counter.

Toronto LMHT 2There were ten other teams participating at this show. The Toronto Lmht children performed a dance to the prayer "Antaryami Parmatma…..". The dance lasted for about ten minutes & the little mahatmas performed really well after diligent practice.

Toronto LMHT 3The crowd was very happy & excited to see the little mahatmas who performed very well for the first time.
The show has helped the children to remember the prayer & now they recite it in their daily routine.