The Kickoff of Ruislip GNC Times


The little MHTians of Ruislip have got a great scoop!   They had a wonderful session on newspaper making.The session was designed with the objective of observing team work and unity among the kids.

In the beginning of the session, the kids were asked questions like -ruislip-2

• What all they knew about newspapers?
• What kind of topics are usually covered in the newspapers?
• How are the articles written and what kind of occasions can be reported?
• How can it be made presentable to the readers?
ruislip-1After this discussion, the enthusiasm to start the activity was
overflowing in the kids. They immediately named the newspaper as "Ruislip GNC Times." Then, all the children were divided into four teams with few YMHTians to help. Each team wrote up one page for the newspaper.

ruislip-3They mentioned all the past events and activities on the front page and the forthcoming events on the back page of the newspaper.
In the end, everyone enjoyed going through the newspaper as it gave a quick recap of their yearly achievements and activities. It was a great way to cherish the old memories as well!