Science Session


The Lmht's in Simandhar City had been up to some very interesting fun!! Let's find out what they had been up to.

Around mid-March, the LMHT children of Simandhar City had a session on understanding scientific experiments & relating them to Dada's gnan.

The children were divided into groups & each group was given two pebbles & asked to think about what could be the use of those two pebbles. The following is what the children came up with:

1.    They can be rubbed to make fire

2.    They can be used as paper weights

3.    They can be used to form ripples in water

4.    When put in water the pebbles increase in sizeL-science -3

Niyantaben, the invited guest, explained for the fourth point that the size of the pebbles does not actually change. They just look bigger because of the change of medium. We view them through the medium of water as opposed to the medium of air. She further explained that this distorted view of objects in water is known as refraction.

L-science -1 Niyantaben then gave each group a plate filled with a little water. In the middle of each plate was a pebble with a lit candle over it. She then asked the groups to observe the outcome when a glass was put over the flame. The children observed that the candle blew off & the water level rose up a little to the pebble. When asked the reason for this observation, one child answered correctly saying, "The oxygen in the air was all used up when the glass was placed over the flame, so oxygen dissolved in the water was then used to keep the flame going until it completely went out, as a result, the water level seemed to be raised."

L-science -2To this Niyantaben said, "Our anger is like the fire on the candle & it never blows out because of the continuous support (oxygen) of it (our ego). The glass is like Lmht sessions that you attend which protect you from supporting your mistakes."

Now, are you thinking of joining Lmht Sessions? thought so!