Session on Parents


Right -understanding -1Lord Ram obeyed his parent's wish & happily went to a forest for 14 long years leaving behind all worldly pleasures of the palace & materialistic life without any ill feeling towards them.

Right -understanding -2Pujya Dadashri too listened to his mother when she taught not to hurt anyone. He made up his mind from that very day, "If my hurting others gives too much pain to my mother, I would never hurt anybody." He followed it throughout his entire life.

Right -understanding -3Pujya Deepakbhai never saw his father's fault whenever he tried to stop him going to Dada's satsang. Instead, he served him affectionately for 18 long years & even cooked food for him after his mother's death.

Lastly, his father accepted him as his GURU and Pujya Deepakbhai received lots of blessings from him and Dadashri too. Today, millions of people follow him for spiritual upliftment and enlightenment.