Table manners: Learning to Dine


The L-MHT team this time brought a delicious and lip smacking session for the little champs. A session on learning table manners!

The session began with a little video on Crawford's good table manners that drew gentle attention towards basic table manners in an amusing way.  The session proceeded with a demonstration by didi on arrangement of crockery like spoons, plates, tissues and so on, on the dining table in a specific order. This was then followed by the kids coming in groups and arranging things themselves!

Pic-2An interesting power point presentation was then shown on 'Dining dos and don'ts'. As the name suggests, it delicately explained the kids what to do or what not to do while eating food. A few bad eating habits were highlighted in pictorial format; like talking with food in the mouth, playing with the cutlery whilst waiting for the food to be served etc. The power point presentation also threw light on some of the good eating habits like closing one's mouth while eating and so on. The kids had a chance to judge the suitable table manners themselves. A friendly interaction followed the presentation. They were asked how they would feel if someone ate unsuitably in front of them? This convinced the kids to endeavor to follow ideal table manners.Pic-3

It was now time to put theory into practical! The kids were asked to try out their newly learnt manners while eating fruits! Then, one team served an array of colorful fruits like cherries, apples, mangos whilst following the serving rules of giving plates and foods in a decided order etc. Meanwhile, the team who ate kept in mind to follow decent table manners like waiting for the food to be served without making noise, raising one's hand when requiring a second serving and so on. A fun cum learning activity for them, the children indeed enjoyed this.

      In the end, the kids thanked the didis for having put together a fun session for them to learn something new. Even the didis were happy to see the kids inculcate good food habits so fast. All in all everyone simply relished serving and eating in a better way!Pic-1