Akram Science

Friends, we all have science class in school. This is a subject that some of us like a lot and others don’t at all. What if there was a science that everyone would like? A science that gives us solutions to all our troubles? Let us learn more about Akram Vignan or Akram Science.

As we are talking about science, let us do an experiment. If I want to go from Mumbai to Ahmedabad, I can either go by car or take a plane. In the car it will take me almost the whole day, but in the plane I can be there in an hour.

In today’s fast-paced world, we would all take the plane, right? Yes, because we want to get to our destination as fast as we can.

Akram Vignan is:

1. a practical, applied spiritual science;

2. focussed on right understanding – of causes and effect (or Karma) and how to attain never-ending happiness;

3. a ‘shortcut’ path to enlightenment; and

4. most relevant for the current time.

Param Pujya Dadashri has said, “This Akram Vignan is the world’s eleventh wonder! Up to the time of Lord Mahavir, there were ten wonders; this is the eleventh wonder. Within one hour, one attains permanent peace (shanti) and in one more lifetime, the ultimate liberation (moksha).”

Let us look at another example. There are two paths to get to your final destination – one requires you to climb a lot of steps while the other takes you very close in a lift or elevator. Which would you choose?

          The scriptures have mentioned two paths to attain moksh (ultimate liberation)  the Kramic path and the Akramic path. The Kramic path is a step-by-step path, just like the steps that we had to climb to get to our destination. While the Akramic path is the lift (elevator) path. Through the Akram path, it is possible to get permanent happiness very easily and simply.

Dadashri is our ultimate scientist. He has provided many practical solutions. If we study these and put them into practice, it is possible for us to live a life without conflicts. Akram Science will give us the right understanding to solve any puzzle or conflict that we come across. On solving these, we all reach our goal of permanent happiness.


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