Beware of bad company (Kusang)

Jai Satchitanand Friends, 

“My classmates bring cellphones to school so I’ll also do that”, “What’s the harm in having late night parties?, My friends generally do that!”….. Is this what we say to our parents these days?  Do you know that the company we keep influences us.  In today’s fast forward world, one can easily fall into the trap of bad company (Kusang).  

What does it mean to be in a bad company?

Whatever takes us on the wrong path is all considered Bad company or Kusang.


What happens when you get into bad company-

• It takes you away from religion

• Bad company is like poison. It affects the mind, intellect, chit and ego and the body.

• The stickiness of bad company is worse than that of TB (tuberculosis). TB only ruins one lifetime, but bad company ruins endless lifetimes.

 Precautions and measures to stay away from the bad company-

• Getting right understanding through spiritual books and magazines
• By attending spiritual ‘satsangs’ or kids camps.
• By chanting prayers and aarti which cleanses both the mind and chit.

Kusang -1

Friends, do you know that the effect of one year of bad company stays with us for twenty five long years. Therefore you should make sure that you always stay in the company of good people.

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