Jai Satchitanand Friends!

Whenever we do something wrong, we immediately say, “sorry” and ask for forgiveness. Every religion has placed importance on asking for forgiveness.
However, to remove the sinful behavior from its roots, one must do ‘pratikraman’.

According to Dadashri there are two types of action-

Kraman (Action)

It is a simple activity that doesn't hurt anyone. Our day-to-day activities like going to school, brushing teeth, running, eating breakfast and playing with friends come under kraman.

Atikraman (Hurting others by our mind, speech or body)

While playing with friends if one gets into an argument, becomes angry and starts using harsh language because the friends don't want to play the game one has suggested.

Kraman is fine but we do any ‘atikraman’, then we should step back and do pratikraman.

Science of pratrikraman

How to ask for forgiveness (Pratikraman)?

By addressing the God residing in the other person’s soul, one should say, “Dear God! I have made this mistake, I repent for it, I am asking for forgiveness, and I shall not repeat such a mistake.”

So friends, shoot your mistakes with pratikraman as soon as you see them and in this way the mistakes will cease to happen!

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