Merit- Demerit Karmas

Jai Satchitanand Friends,
Often we hear our parents or grandparents tell us not to do certain things. If you do this then you will bind demerit karmas (paap). If you do that then you will bind merit karmas (punya). You must be wondering as to what are these karmas (deeds)?  Let us understand what they mean.

What are merit and demerit karma?

According to Dadashri, If you hurt or torment any living being in any way, then you bind demerit karma.
On the contrary, if you give happiness to any living being, then you bind merit karma.

Paap -punya

Demerit Karmas are bind:
• When thoughts of taking someone’s belongings comes to your mind
• When we lie with our parents, teachers and friends
• When you hurt living beings specially- Killing someone or eating non vegetarian food
• When we earn money by cheating others through adulteration or stealing

Merit Karmas are bind:

• When you share your belongings with others
• When you give happiness to your parents, teachers and friends
• When you serve elders and your guru
• When you give food, shelter or medicines to a needy

How can you increase merit karmas?

Keep obliging others. Use your mind, speech and body for the benefit of others

How can you wash off demerit karmas?
Ask for forgiveness and regret deeply. When you do pratikraman, you can get yourself free from bad karmas.

So friends, think wisely before you take any action.

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