Friends, can you remember a time when you were upset about something and stayed locked up in your room instead of joining the others? A time when you walked around with a long face and a bad mood because things did not go your way? A time when you disagreed to take part in the ongoing activity because no one picked you first? Or a time when you simply threw a tantrum all because you did not get what you demanded?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you have sulked. Everyone, old and young all have sulked once in their life for sure.

What is sulking and when do we sulk?

1. Sulking is when one is silently angry with the other person or situation and is a form of obstinacy. One stubbornly sticks to an attitude or an opinion, or a course of action without listening to the other person’s point of view.

2. Even a small disagreement will lead to a sulk. Quarrels with friends where we end up not talking to each other.

What happens when we sulk? 
At dinner time you realise that your mum has not made what you asked for, so you throw a tantrum. You sulk and refuse to eat! What will everyone else do? Will they not finish eating their dinner? Do you think they will stay awake waiting for you the whole night? Of course not! They will finish their meal and go to sleep. You will miss your dinner and end up going to bed on an empty stomach!

1. When your friends are playing and you continue to sulk, what will they say? They will all say, “let him be, come, let’s play!” Their fun will continue but you will not be a part of it!

2. Time will pass by but you will remain where you were due to your obstinacy. If we continue to become obstinate, people will say, 'Just let him be!' And nobody will care for us!
Here is a glimpse from this episode in Pujya Dadashri’s life:  Sulking is a loss!

See friends, how unique Dadashri’s understanding was at this young age. There is no gain or happiness in sulking!

Now with this new understanding on sulking, let us all make a strong resolve just like Dadashri not to suffer any more losses by sulking or becoming obstinate as we do not want to lose any of;

1. Our time
2. Our happiness
3. Our love for others
4. Our food
5. Our activities


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