Where is God?

From a very young age we are taught to bow down to God, to pray to God and even worship Him on a daily basis. But what do we really know about Him? Where can we find God? Where does He live?

Shall we guess?

Hmmm…Up in the sky? In the temple? Or in the scriptures?

You say that you have looked in the temple, searched the stars and even looked at the scriptures but not found Him in any of those places. Let’s experiment and check!

Does the table feel hurt when you hit it? Does it cry? No! On the other hand, if you hit your brother? Will he cry? Well, he might hit you back and you might start crying. So that means the effects of happiness- sadness, hunger-thirst, cold-hot temperature etc. can only be experienced where God exists.

Then what’s God’s real address?

According to Param Pujya Dadashri, God resides in every living creature. He is in you, me, in the cow, in the trees, in the insects, etc.  He is in everyone.

God is not present in anything that is manmade. For example, your pencil box, bag, games etc. are manmade.

In every living being there exists a soul (the God). The only difference is the packing. There are different types of packings and God resides within all of them!

So think about it…

Should we hurt living beings?

After knowing that God resides within every living creature, would you like to hurt anyone?

Think & decide!