Birthday turned into Promise day!

Once, on her birthday, a girl brought some ‘sukhdi’ (a sweet dish in Gujarati), prepared by her mum, for Niruma. Offering the ‘sukhdi’ to Niruma, she said, “Niruma, today is my birthday. I have brought ‘sukhdi’ for you and this Rs. 500 for donation to Simandhar Swami.”

Niruma said, “I will neither take the ‘sukhdi’ nor the money. I don’t take all these things from an immoral girl like you.” The girl was shocked to hear this. She asked, “Niruma, what did I do?”

Niruma said, “You back bite about others, you are deceitful and speak rudely to everyone. And you hurt a lot of people, don’t you?” The girl agreed. Niruma said, “Then, wouldn’t you be called immoral?”

The girl said, “Yes. But now what should I do so that you will accept my gift?”

Niruma said, “Give me a promise that from today, you will not trouble anyone, nor will you backbite about anyone nor be deceitful.”

Promising Niruma, the girl said, “Yes Niruma. I will become the person you like.”

Niruma laughed and said, “Yes, Ok. Now please give me some ‘sukhdi’.”

After serving the ‘sukhdi’, she offered Niruma the Rs. 500 note again. Niruma took the Rs. 500 note in her hand. She wrote “Promise day” on it and the date of that day and signed it. Giving the note back to the girl, Niruma said, “Take this, on every birthday have a look at this note and remember the promise you have given me.”  

The girl said, “Yes Niruma. I will remember.”

See friends, Niruma had such unique tactics to help people come out of their shortcomings! She would deal with the elders and kids in a manner most effective to them!