Cookie Confession !

In 1996, Gurupurnima was celebrated in Houston, Texas. After doing darshan (devotional viewing) on the day of Gurupurnima, I said to Niruma, “Niruma, mummy’s rule at home is that I can only eat two cookies a day, and no more. But I really like sweet things. So when mummy is not in the kitchen, I tend to sneak one or two more cookies. I know that what I am doing is deceit. I want to get rid of this habit.”

After I made this confession to Niruma, her face lit up. She was very happy ! She smiled broadly and gave me a loving hug. I was surprised by Niruma’s reaction. Niruma was happy even though I had been deceitful.

Today I understand why Niruma had hugged me! 

Niruma was always happy to see that we are willing to get rid of our mistakes!