Dada’s Janma Jayanti

On the occasion of Dada’s Janma Jayanti there used be always a beautiful procession. Dada used to know the route of the procession before hand.

The entire night before the birthday Dada used to stay up and do vidhi for each and every person’s pure Soul that when they see the procession they do not have any negativity for the Self – realized or for the knowledge of the Self. What kind of negativity? By making fun of someone or when you think or say something wrong about someone else it would ruin their next life. Dada used to protect everyone. If he felt that there are chances the person may not understand then he would ask for forgiveness from the pure Soul of that person and clear it and ensure that person had inner satisfaction. Wow! Dada had so much compassion!


On the second day of the procession while sitting in the car, he would see the pure Soul of every person on the road and all the people looking from the surrounding buildings and would have a live connection with everyone through his eye contact. He always used to say that the person who saw his back would also get salvation. This was the reason for the procession!

There is one more heart touching event, when mahatmas would make Dada wear a long thick heavy garland on his birthday. Niruma used to tie the garland in such a way that Dada did not have to bear the weight and it looked as if he was wearing the garland.How can we forget Niruma on this occasion? Whatever Dada required Niruma had it ready and she would give it to him before he asked for it.

Niruma is blessed for her loyalty and devotion for Dada and her intent for the mahatmas!

Friends, we can never forget Dada’s compassion and Niruma’s devotion. 

Join us to celebrate Dada’s 111th Janma Jayanti from 15th November to 25th November.