Embodiment of Pure Love

This incident took place at Simandhar City. Once, a brahmachari bhai (celibate brother) experienced a severe toothache. He had to undergo a root canal treatment. While doing the treatment, a tiny fragment of tooth lodged in the gums and couldn’t be removed. The doctors tried to dig it out. In spite of getting a local anesthesia, his whole body shook at the slightest touch of the vein. The pain was unbearable.

As he hadn’t returned until late, Niruma phoned him. Until that time, in spite of all the pain, he had remained quiet and tried to apply Gnan (tried to keep separation from the body as per Dada’s five principles).  But, as soon as Niruma phoned and he heard her voice, he broke down. All his efforts of maintaining separation from the pain stopped and he started sobbing uncontrollably. Handing over the phone to the doctor he said, “I won’t be able to talk to Niruma.”

On enquiring further, the doctors explained everything to Niruma. Niruma asked, “Shall I come?”.  The bhai refused and said, “If this is what happened to me on just hearing her voice, then what will be my condition if she comes here”?

So Niruma said to the doctors, “Don’t worry. Continue with your work. I’ll do vidhi (silent auspicious blessings performed by the Gnani for the salvation of the disciple).” At last the fragment was dislodged at 1.00 a.m. in the morning.

He now desperately felt the need to just rush to Niruma and put his head on her lap and cry his heart out. Only then, will all the pain cease. He went straight to Niruma. She was sitting on her bed. He put his head in her lap and cried constantly for 10-15 minutes. All the pain withheld for hours came out at once, he cried a lot. Niruma kept patting him. When he lifted his head, Niruma’s clothes were covered in blood.

          “Niruma, blood!” he said feeling ashamed. “It doesn’t matter. Does it still hurt?” Niruma asked.

It was 2.00 a.m. in the morning. Niruma immediately asked Deepakbhai, “Make a call to America. It’ll be morning there. Talk to our doctor mahatma and take down the name of the painkiller from him. They do painless surgeries, so they have this knowledge.”

Niruma got his bed shifted to her room and said, “You sleep here tonight. You are not going anywhere.” Thereafter Niruma stroked his head gently, while Deepakbhai massaged his feet. He fell asleep instantly. When he got up  in the morning he saw that Niruma and Deepakbhai were still sitting there, in the same position. Niruma was stroking his forehead and Deepakbhai, his feet. He was amazed they had not slept at all!

For the following five days, Niruma herself prepared khichdi (boiled mix of rice and lentils), added ghee and made it into liquid form with a hand mixer and then fed him. In this way for five days, three times a day he had to eat the same type of food. By doing this, he healed gradually and Niruma took care of him until he fully recovered.

         Afterall Our Gnani…an embodiment of pure love…