Everything changed like MAGIC!

At first when I came to India… I had many difficulties but the biggest problem was that every single day I would come back from school, I would tell my mom that I want to go back to America, my friends were really mean and I didn't like the teachers at all, and it was really hard for me to adjust there. I didn't like my school, I didn't like India at all.  So my mother told me to go to Pujyashree and ask him a question. So I wrote a note to him to say that I really hate India and all the problems that I was facing. When I finally went to meet Pujyashree, he told me to adjust everywhere. I didn't think that it would work, but from the very next day everything changed like magic. I felt as though his words made it so that  I can finally adjust to this point where I'm actually liking it here and feels like home too. Pujyashree’s words are  magic for me. It was a great experience.