Great transformation!

Pujya Niruma

One day, a little girl complained about her mum and said, “Niruma, my mum ignores me. She always pays attention to my little sister.” Niruma asked her, “If your little sister feels hungry can she call out to your mummy?” The little girl replied, “No, she is still little. She can’t talk.” Niruma said, “What does she do if she is in pain or feels uncomfortable?” The little girl replied, “She would just cry.” Niruma continued, “And if you are hungry, or hurt somewhere then you can tell your mummy can’t you?” The little girl said, ‘yes’. Niruma explained to her, “In that case your mummy does not have to worry about you. If something happens then you can tell her right away. And your wishes will be fulfilled according to your needs. However, as your sister cannot talk, your mummy has to take care of her to make sure that she’s not hurt. Now you tell me, who should mummy pay more attention to?” The little girl was very satisfied upon hearing this and right away she said, “She should look after my little sister.”

Niruma said, “And when you were little and couldn’t speak, your mummy took care of you just like this. But you don’t remember that right now. Now that you have grown up, you can speak for yourself, but your little sister cannot speak so your mummy takes more care of her. In fact, you should also help your mummy to look after your little sister.”

A great transformation came over the little girl after that day.