Niruma….My Everything!

Niruma!  What can you say? Niruma was everything; she was someone you can go to when you are crying, someone you can go to when you are happy, someone you can go to when you want to laugh and someone you go to with your all problems in the world.

I would never forget this incident when I was about five or six. My dad was getting his clothes ready one evening, for the satsang, and he was ironing them. He unplugged the iron and turned around and he didn’t know that I was just behind him so unfortunately the hot iron touched my forehead and I got a minor burn. I immediately started crying and ran out of the house. Niruma heard me crying and she came to me straight away. She saw the burn on my forehead and I told her what had happened. Then she got a chair and immediately put me on it. I remember there was so much love as she wiped my tears. Then she put me next to the sink and with cold water, she wiped my tears away and cleaned my face. When I had calmed down finally, she went to the fridge and got some cold yogurt which she applied on to my wound, soothing it. This incident I remember with such clarity because, my mom was there, my dad was there, there were so many people there, but Niruma never once told any of them, go and get this girl, calm her down and get some yogurt. She did everything herself, she looked after me just like a mother will look after her child and she did everything with so much of love and affection. It’s crystal clear this incident.

Meera Patel